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Police search abandoned caravan. What they find shocks everyone

Abandoned caravan in the forest dog-angry
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Police officers rescued a dog from an agonising death after it was locked inside an abandoned caravan on a sweltering summer day.

By Ashley Murphy , 22 Aug 2019

Last week, temperatures near the Märkischer Kreis district in Germany were pushing past 30 ° C. The country roads were busier than usual as people took the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine.

Motorists spot the mysterious caravan 

But motorists travelling along the A45 road couldn't help noticing a slightly unusual sight. A run-down looking caravan stood in a layby, and it looked like it had been there for some time. What's more, it was making some very strange noises!

The alert members of the public called the local police, and two officers from the NRW Märkischer were dispatched to investigate the mysterious holiday home.

As the officers approached, they quickly realised what was making all that noise. It was a little pooch - and it was crying out help.

After trying to gain entry through the door and side window, one officer noticed an open roof hatch. He peered inside and knew immediate action was required.

The dog was visibly distressed, and one measly bowl of water wasn't going to help it survive inside the sweltering hotbox for much longer.

Officers rescued the poor pooch dog by removing some of the panels around the roof hatch. They then transported the pup back to the station.

Some people don't deserve dogs

A short while later, a 64-year-old presented himself at the station and demanded to know why officers had stolen his dog! He accused the police force of wasting resources, claiming they should've have been out catching the real criminals instead!

The officers remained unapologetic, telling the irresponsible owner that they'd do the same thing again every time!

Good for them - now let's hope this guy has finally learnt his lesson!

Some people, we're sad to say, just don't deserve dogs!


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Posted by Polizei NRW Märkischer Kreis on Tuesday, July 30, 2019