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Woman thinks she spotted a dog at a window but quickly realises she's made a big mistake (Video)

Neighbour looks up at window expecting to see a dog - not a bear dog-wow
© Ida Shareena - Facebook

A Malaysian woman was amazed when she looked up at her neighbour’s apartment window. She thought she spotted a dog looking out, but it turned out to be a wild animal! She grabbed her camera and captured the scene, to prove to others that it was true.

By Dawn Parrish , 22 Aug 2019

When the neighbour posted the video on a social media platform, she wanted others to believe what she had just seen. It certainly wasn’t a dog at the open window, but a huge bear she had spotted.

Local police department make enquiries

Of course, once the video post went viral on social media, it was brought to the attention of the local police department. They investigated and discovered that it definitely was a Malaysian bear cub, a species of animal that is protected in the country.

Singer mistook the bear cub to be a dog

The tenant of the apartment, Zarith Sofia Yasin, a 27-year-old singer, was questioned and charged by the police for harbouring an endangered animal in her home. She said that she had discovered the cub at the side of the road, one evening, and she mistook it to be a dog. Once she had it at home, and the days passed by, of course she realised it was a bear cub. Yasin stated that she never intended to keep the bear cub, who she named Bruno, but was caring for it until it gained in strength, when she could hand it over to a zoo.

Bruno the bear cub is rescued from the apartment

The bear cub was taken into the care of the Malaysian branch of the Wildlife and National Park, where he is now happily settled. It is thought that he is a Sun bear, around 6 months old, but certainly belongs to the group of animals classified as endangered and protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2010.

After spending several hours at the police station, Zarith was released without further charges. It’s clear that her mission was to care for the bear until it became stronger, and for no other reason.

Singer who kept sun bear in her house speaks up

The pub singer, who ran into trouble after keeping a baby sun bear in her condominium unit in Desa Pandan, Kuala Lumpur recently, spoke to mStar and StarTV on Sunday. Zarith Sofia Yasin found the sun bear at Bukit Ampang and named it Bruno. She also fed it with chocolate and denied claims that she mistreated it. The sun bear is now under the care of Perhilitan.

Posted by The Star TV on Sunday, June 9, 2019