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Owner left distraught after dog receives an unexpected "makeover" at the salon

Lola's owner didn't ask for the dye job
© Graziella Puleo - Facebook

A dog grooming saloon received a harsh telling off after a staff member decided to dye a pooch's eyebrows without the owner's permission!

By Ashley Murphy , 21 Aug 2019

Graziella Puleo, from Florida, USA, dropped her beloved pet off at the Amore's Pet Salon Dog Grooming Day Care Boarding Spa. She left pretty clear instructions, telling the groomers that her dog, Lola, needed a haircut and a nail trim.

An unwelcomed surprise

Nine hours later Graziella returned to collect the pup,  but things hadn't gone quite as she expected. The groomer had given the puppy a nice new haircut, although she'd decided to throw in a few freebies, including dyeing Lola's ears pink and her eyebrows green! 

As you can probably imagine, Lola's dog-mum was not impressed:

"I almost cried," said Graziella. "I was like, "You dyed my dog's hair?" 'I noticed they'd shaved her eyebrows off and tried to fix the mistake by drawing green eyebrows on her. She looks like you painted on her and were trying to turn her into a clown."

Lola also developed an infection after the 'makeover' and had to be treated by a vet. 

The doggy saloon owner refunded Graziella, but it seems as if she still doesn't quite understand what she did wrong! When asked about the strange style choice, she said: 

"We wanted to make her happy. We beautify the dog…If we see it's missing something, we do colour, sometimes, the dog."

She also denied the accusation that the dye job caused the infection, claiming Lola's excessive licking was the source of the problem. 

Make sure any professionals really know their stuff

Graziella is planning to contact a lawyer before taking any formal legal action. In the meantime, she's nursing Lola through the traumatic experience and is still trying to remove the last traces of the dye. 

She also advised other dog-parents to do as much research as possible before leaving their pups with anyone who claims to be professional dog groomer!