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This blind kitten has got an exceptional guide by his side

Blind cat rescued from Brooklyn suburb cat-happy
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A blind kitten and his brother - survivors of an impoverished past - became inseparable. And against all the odds, the two siblings made a full recovery and found their forever home remaining united for ever.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 21/08/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Found in waste land in a dark corner of Brooklyn, a family of cats struggled to survive. A queen and her four kittens were severely malnourished, cold and in need of emergency care. Called on to take care of them was local shelter, Little Wanderers NYC.

Kyla B, adoptions officer for Little Wanderers was given sobering advice from the vet to whom she rushed the cats. The kittens were, for all intents and purposes, beyond help and should be euthanised. However, Kyla refused to accept that nothing could be done for them. For the kittens worse affected – Harvey and Sylvia – she began a course of antibiotics due to both having severe eye infections.

Little Wanderers never gives up so we proceeded to ramp up his care and save him,” Kyla told Love Meow. “We knew he was a fighter and gave him an opportunity at life.”

Blind Harvey

After several weeks the clowder was nursed back to health, and Harvey and Sylvia returned. Harvey remained blind but on his return to his siblings he bonded with his brother Ellen. The two are now inseparable.

In the event that Harvey gets scared,” Kyla said, “he would rely on his brother for comfort.

Kyla knew that when the time came for the kittens to be rehomed Harvey and Ellen would have to remain together.

Forever home

Fortunately, shortly after advertising the clowder for rehoming, a couple approached Kyla about adopting two of the kittens. Kyla explained the situation to local men Tim and Marcus who agreed that under no circumstance should the kittens be apart. 

They have since adopted Harvey and Ellen.


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