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Two men try to rob a tobacconist: suddenly, they start running as fast as possible!

Burglar with black hood trying to enter a house dog-wow
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A burglary that did not go to plan. Two men decided to rob a tobacconist but things didn’t come to plan when they came across a very determined and protective guard.

By Emilie Heyl , 20 Aug 2019

It was in Bugey, northeast of Lyon in France, that this scene took place a few days ago. It all started in the early evening of August 17th. Everything was calm when suddenly two men who were wearing gloves, tried to break into a tobacconist's office.

To avoid being recognised, the two men also wore black hoods. One of them even has a machete!

A failed burglary

Everything seems to be perfect for both burglars, but what the two men had obviously not expected is that the owner's dog would be on the scene too. They were face to face with a determined dog who wanted to prove that he was a great watchdog. And that’s exactly what the dog did!

The Australian Shepherd did not hesitate to growl and show his teeth. The burglars got scarred and preferred to run up away. The police is currently looking for these two men. The dog showed how brave and determined he was to protect his owner’s property. But he got lucky, because things could have turned out differently. Good job doggy!

As for the tobacconist, he is very proud of his dog.