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Watch this stray dog help the Police in the cutest way possible

Stray dog helps Police with their pat down techniques dog-happy
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Allowing police officers to practice their frisking skills is an unusual role for a stray dog to take on. Yet for this stray dog, he is so appreciative for their affection he allows the officers to use him for training pat-down sessions.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 19/08/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Life on the streets for a stray dog is often difficult and heart-breaking. With many rescue centres full beyond capacity, there isn’t much hope of finding shelter for the homeless street dogs in the city of Paita in Peru. Luckily for Chato, this special stray dog has a happy ending. A police officer discovered the abandoned dog searching for food as he was on street patrol. He took the dog into the police station, where the other officers soon fell in love with the cute canine and decided he could stay.

Cheerful dog is hired by the police department

Although the pup was quite bedraggled when he first arrived at the station, he was given a check over by the Vet, Manuel Barranzuela. Although Chato has no formal training as a police dog, he has discovered an original way he can help the officers to fight crime.

The adopted dog helps to demonstrate pat downs, just as a police officer would search a criminal. When the police officer gives the command, Chato leans up against the wall, stretching out his legs above his head, allowing the officer to carry out the search and pat-down.

Chato is eager to help the officers

Of course, the stray dog doesn’t realise that he is helping to solve crimes, he just sees it as another way to get petted with affection.

Watch the video to see how eager Chato is to help, as he keeps the police officer’s frisking skills on the ball!


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