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Hilarious photo session as hyperactive dog photobombs owners’ engagement shoot

Hilarious dog photobombs owners engagement shoot
© Nicolas Carrelo - Facebook

When Alfredo and Joyce decided to get hitched, they planned a beautiful photoshoot to remember their engagement by. Thor, their adorable pup had other plans – he photobombed their pictures and stole the show!

By Dawn Parrish , 19 Aug 2019

The engaged couple’s photoshoot was planned to include their four-legged friend, as he was already a huge part of their family. Before the photo shoot, Alfredo Garcia da Silva and Joyce Sabino Greffe assured their photographer, Nicolas Carrelo that the 9-month-old pup was very calm and sweet and that he would behave as the pictures were taken.

Hilarious dog has a different agenda

The photoshoot was set up in a local park in Campo Grande in Brazil. However, rather than sitting quietly as the photographer planned, Thor had other ideas. The very excited, hyperactive dog decided to run crazily between his two owners, causing havoc as he jumped up at them. At one point, he knocked Joyce to the floor before he jumped onto her giving out slobbery kisses. Their photographer had taken pictures of dogs before, but never had he experienced such an exuberant pooch.


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Engagement photos capture a joyous moment

The photoshoot was organised to take some amazing shots to show the love this couple have for each other. The images that were captured certainly show the fun and joy that this family of three share together. The pictures were possibly not the type of setting the photographer had in mind, but they are certainly a success.

Hyperactive dog pics capture the internet

Carrelo, the photographer, posted the images of the newly engaged couple and their dog on his social media channels. They weren’t his usual type of image concept, but the response has been huge. With thousands of shares on Facebook and likes on Instagram, its clear that Thor is now an internet star.

We can’t wait to see Alfredo and Joyce’s wedding pictures, as there’s no doubt that Thor will be in on the action too!