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They help their dog give birth, when they see the puppies they have a huge surprise

Golden dog giving birth to black and white puppies dog-wow
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When Rosie was placed in the shelter, she was already pregnant. Soon, the volunteers decided to find her a host family so that she could give birth to her babies in good conditions. But things did not totally go as they had imagined.

By Emilie Heyl , 19 Aug 2019

The arrival of Rose’s puppies who was abandoned when she was already pregnant was probably one of the most perplex but amazing experience. In a hurry, she was helped by volunteers in a kennel to find a new home so that she would be able to give birth to her puppies surrounded by a caring and loving new family. But, at the time of the birth, everyone was speechless. Here is why:

The story of Rose

This cute dog, with her beige fur and sweet look, was left in the kennel at an advanced stage of her pregnancy and the volunteers of the center had to find someone who could welcome her and her puppies with love and care. No sooner said than done.

Karen and John Black , who in their lives have already taken care of as many as 20 dogs, did not hesitate for a moment and decided to take Rose home with them. They were ready to help her while she was giving birth and take care of the puppies once they were born.

That day arrived. Push Rosie, push! 

When Rosie started showing the first signs of birth, her new owners were beside her, but when they saw the puppies everyone was stunned. The puppies, in fact, had nothing in common with their mother! The four, baptised Daisy, Clarabelle, Betsy and Moo, in fact had a completely different coat colour than their mother’s one. They had a beautiful black and white spotted coat (only one of them with a few spots tending to beige) which made them look more like baby cows rather than Rose's puppies.

Karen, John and Rose certainly did not let themselves be frightened by this undeniable difference and immediately took care of the litter. Quickly, these adorable puppies became famous on the Internet as everyone was ecstatic over these cute little doggies and we totally get why!


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