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Is your cat happy? This vet has the answer

Happy grey cat getting cuddles from pwner cat-wow
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What is more soothing to the soul than listening to your cat purring as it sleeps on your lap? We may assume that if our cat sleeps soundly and has a want for our affection it feels comfortable. But is it happy? What are the signs of a happy cat? 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 19/08/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Angie Krause, an American vet told Writes mic.com:  “There’s so much that we misunderstand about cats and their body language. Cats have emotional needs. Society has framed cats as standoffish. It’s not true. Because we misread them, their emotional needs don’t always get met.” 


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Here are just five signs of your cat’s happiness, according to behavioural experts:

1. The welcome your cat gives you is warm and generous. Whether first thing in the morning or when you get home from work, observe the way your cat greets you. A happy cat will want to come up to you with its tail and ears upright. 


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2. What sounds does your cat make when it greets you? A vocal cat that produces high-pitched whines is happier than one with its voice down low. Happy and contented cats will also respond to your voice. However, a cat that is vocal at other times may want or need something such as food or water. Always listen to the mewing!

3. How does your cat lie? A cat that lies down with its feet tucked in and its eyes half-closed is a happy one. And one that lies on its back is positively ecstatic. Such positions show us the animal feels relaxed and unthreatened. 


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4. A cat that kneads your lap is one that is happy. Kneading is a throwback to when your cat was a new-born and it had to knead its mum’s tummy to tease out some milk. When your cat does this to you it doesn’t want milk; it is more a sign of its complete and utter satisfaction. Well done!

5. Finally, let’s talk about confidence. Confidence and courage are excellent signs of the animal’s happiness. And you have yourself to thank for that. Your cat should be naturally curious and interested in everything around it. It may not jump around the room like a pinball; instead it may sit quietly and observe. But you will know when it is watching and learning. On the other hand a cat that is nervous of noises and movement is one that needs to be cuddled and cared for more.