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Cat nearly loses his tongue has he almost gets kidnapped by an unusual intruder

Seagulls are known to attack small pets dog-sad
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A cat owner watched in horror as a vicious seagull descended from the skies and attempted to snatch her beloved kitty. 

By Ashley Murphy , 18 Aug 2019

Cleo, a Siberian-mix breed, was doing what most cats love to do on a sunny afternoon - she was chasing birds in the garden. Suddenly, a giant seagull swooped down and launched a vicious attack.

Cleo fights off her winged attacker

Tough little Cleo managed to fend off the assault, although she did sustain some pretty nasty injuries. Cleo had scratches around her facial area, and her tongue had almost been ripped in half.

Owners  Callum Hedley and Kim Washbourn rushed their kitty to the animal hospital, where she received some emergency care from senior vet Clare Hill. She said: 

"It was clear Cleo's tongue had started to go necrotic, which basically means the cells had started to die, so surgery was essential."

"After carrying out a thorough examination and discussing the options with Cleo's owners we made the decision to go ahead with the operation that night."

Cleo managed to pull through the operation and is now recovering at home. Cat mum Kim Washburn thanked the staff at Vets Now pet emergency clinic for all their fantastic work:

"It was such a worrying time, but the staff were brilliant," said Kim. "They were so caring, and they let us in to just stay with her when she was recovering from the operation."

Seagulls usually feed of fish, crabs, and small rodents. However, these opportunistic predators have been known to snatch small household pets, including cats like Cleo.

A worrying rise in attacks

Just a few weeks, a tiny Chihuahua named Gizmo was snatched from his back garden by a seagull. He hasn't been seen since. 

The rise in incidents is due to a significant increase in the seagull population. In the last 15 years, their numbers have quadrupled! Owners with small dogs and cats should never leave pets alone in the garden if they spot any seagulls circling nearby.