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Study reveals: Humans kiss their dog more than their partner

Man and woman kissing poodle puppy dog-happy
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A recent study conducted by dog treat manufacturer Riley’ Organics reveals what many of us know already: humans bestow more affection on dogs than on other humans. But just how much more may yet be a surprise…

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 18/08/2019, 08:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

The company, which specialises in organic dog treats, asked a handful of North American dog owners how affectionate they were with their dogs.

According to People, half of the respondents said that they would rather sleep in bed with their dog than with their partner, and admitted kissing their dog more than their partner.

Little boy kissing his dog
Little boy showing his love to his dog©Unsplash

Another study recounted by People revealed that over one third of dog owners claimed to be “very happy” with their lives, but only 18% of cat owners could say the same. The annual survey – covering a wide range of social topics – was carried out by researchers of the University of Chicago.

The survey also revealed that of human partners who adopt a dog, marriage is more common than of those who adopt a cat. Furthermore, doggy “parents” were more likely to own their home than rent it. The survey’s conclusions about happiness and satisfaction included these markers of marriage and home ownership.


The Independent outlines a study of the improved fitness of dog owners. The study conducted at the start of this year of 2,000 adults revealed that dog owners walk an average of 21 miles a week compared to 14 miles for those that didn’t own a dog. That equates to a dog walker’s 870 miles a year.

75% of respondents from the same study admitted they wished they walked more than they did. 50% said they would go out more if they had a dog to walk.

Beagle getting a kiss from owner
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It was also revealed that 23% of dog owners said that having a dog made them “more sociable”, and 16% believed the dog connected them more with the local community. On average dog owners enjoyed two conversations during each walk with their pet. 

Girl kissing dog on a roof
Cuddle time with doggy ©Unsplash