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Woman dives in pool, her German shepherd doesn't think twice and acts

German Shepherd saves woman in swimming pool
© Pluble - Youtube

The jury may always be out on whether dogs or cats are our emotional saviours. But at least one thing is certain: dogs are more likely to protect us or save us from harm than cats. 

By Nick Whittle , 17 Aug 2019

Lauren Bright and her friend Bria can be seen in a recent YouTube video enjoying some downtime at the side of a swimming pool. Also in the video is one-year-old German Shepherd, Kaiser.

Bria, now swimming, pretends to get into trouble and starts to struggle in the water. As soon as she starts to splash her arms on the surface of the water Kaiser comes to her rescue. He jumps in, grabs her by her hair and pulls her to the edge of the pool.

Watch the video here:

Real life rescue 

In March of last year a South Carolinian man was saved from drowning by a Labrador. Labourer Mason Ringer was one of a group of friends who fell from a boat into the Okatie River. Ringer was the only one of the group that was dragged by the current further away from the shore.

Writes Inside Edition, the 24-year-old felt the water’s cold slow his progress, and he soon “started to feel like he wasn’t going to make it.”

I took my shoes off and ripped my hoodie,” Ringer said. “I got 75 percent across, but because the water was cold I started to cramp up in my legs.

"Then I heard the dog bark on the dock."

The dog jumped into the river and swam over to Ringer who promptly grabbed its collar. Together they swam back to shore. The Labrador belonged to the owner of the land on which Ringer had been working.

Ringer later recalled, “It was almost effortless for him to pull me in.

The Labrador is a powerful and courageous swimmer. The breed is famed for its ability to tolerate extremely cold water for a prolonged amount of time.