Abandoned and paralyzed: You’ll be amazed at what happens next for this brave Pitbull

Pigeon the wheelchair pitbull dog-happy
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Paralyzed and then abandoned by her owner, things were looking bleak for Pigeon the Pitbull. But Pigeon not only found a happy home, she learned to “run” again.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 17/08/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

Pigeon the Pitbull lost the use of her back legs in a car accident and then was subsequently abandoned by her owner. Her story came to the attention of dog lover Erin, who had herself recently lost her own beloved dog.


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Erin, the owner of a dog-sitting business, had only just lost a dog who bore an uncanny resemblance to Pigeon. The moment Erin saw a picture of Pigeon, she just knew it was meant to be. Erin told GMA:

“She looked exactly like my dog who had just died and I knew we were meant to be together.” 

Full of energy

That’s far from the end of Pigeon’s story though. Erin adores animals and was determined to give Pigeon everything she needed.

When she got her home, Erin soon realised that Pigeon was a Pitbull full of energy.

“I remember thinking, 'Wow, this dog has more energy than I’ve ever seen,” she said.

After some surgery to stop her being in any pain, Pigeon would quite happily hop around the house just using her front two legs. But Erin wanted more for Pigeon and to give her the chance to be able to run around like the other dogs.

Doggy wheelchair

The answer was to get Pigeon a doggy wheelchair.

Pigeon got fitted for a wheelchair at Eddie’s Wheels, who specialise in making wheelchairs for animals.

What happened next is amazing.


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Pigeon absolutely loved her new wheels from the moment she had them.

Erin captured the moment Pigeon first tried her new wheelchair and the pure joy this brave doggy felt is clear to see. The video has since gone viral.


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Pigeon on Instagram

Pigeon’s story has captured the hearts of social media after Erin created Pigeon’s very own Instagram account. Over 89.1k followers regularly check out Pigeon’s photos and pupdates.

Erin is obviously very proud of her canine companion. She added:

"It's hard to describe her. She's joy personified. Joy and tenacity probably. She’s stronger and more resilient than I’ve ever been and she inspires me every single day. It is difficult to have a bad day around Pigeon.”