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Discover how your cat kisses you in ways you probably don't realise

grey cat with blue eyes getting a kiss cat-happy
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Cat communication is shrouded in mystery. But did you know that in their own subtle way your cat actually kisses you? We uncover the mystery here.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 17/08/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

You love your cat, so you probably love to show them affection by kissing their head and stroking their soft fur. But your cat has their very own way of showing you love right back.

Cat lovers just love to show affection to their felines
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When you kiss your cat, do they lean in, purr and rub their head on you? That’s probably your cat’s way of showing that they understand you are showing them affection. 
But the way cats kiss us is really rather different.

It’s all in the eyes

Cat’s like to have things on their terms and that is especially true with how they show their affection. While we may love to plant kisses on their heads, the way your cat kisses you in return is very special.

When your cat looks at you and slowly closes their eyes, that is a cat kiss.

This cute video posted on youtube shows you just what a cat kiss looks like, with one viewer posting

"So cute. I want to check if my cats do the same thing to me. LOL"

Showing you they trust you

Of course, no one will really ever know whether your cat means it as a kiss. But what we do know, is by half-closing their eyes, they allow themselves a moment of calm and tranquillity. Remember, this is a predator animal always ready to attack. Relaxing like this in your company shows they trust you.

We think you'll agree that there is nothing quite like being on the receiving end of affection from a cat and knowing they are kissing us in their own unique way makes it all the more special.