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A woman hears strange noises notices something and runs into the supermarket

Liddl and Aldi supermarkets cat-wow
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Shopping can quickly become a chore, especially when it's hot. A few days ago, a woman living in Mühlhausen, Germany, did her shopping. As she went to put everything in her car when she heard a loud noise.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the 16/08/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

What is happening?

Surprised, the woman looks around, but sees nothing. She lets go of her bags, has a look around the car and realises with horror that the noise came from her car, more precisely the engine!

Looking closer, she has a glimpse of something moving. It’s a little cat! He seems in a panic. After seeking for help, the woman finally managed to get the cat out of the engine and takes the little cat to a shelter.

A healthy little kitten

At the shelter, that small ball of hair is examined. The cat is about 11 weeks old and loves human contact. It will therefore soon be up for adoption since it is in perfect health. A new start in life well deserved after all this fear.


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Posted by LandesWelle Thüringen on Wednesday, July 24, 2019