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He gets a phone call from his groomer: the nightmare begins!

Poodle with piece of tongue cut off dog-angry
© Lee Taiseng - Facebook

What a terrible accident… When Lee Taiseng brought his beloved dog to the groomers in the town of Singapour, he did not expect for a second what was about to happen.

By Emilie Heyl , 16 Aug 2019

A terrifying phone call

A few hours after dropping off his dog at the grooming salon, Lee gets a phone call. To start with, he thinks that this call is to notify him that his dog is ready and that he will be able to pick him up. But it's not quite that ... At the end of the line, the director of the grooming salon explains that there was a small accident with his dog: a groomer accidentally cut a piece of the dog’s tongue.

Horrified, Lee rushes to the grooming salon to discover that in fact the groomer had cut off a big part of the dog’s tongue. He then takes him urgently to the vet who can do nothing but amputate a piece of the tongue. 

A complaint file

Furious, Lee decided to file a complaint. He explains that if the director had acted quicker, the dog’s tongue could have been saved. The director of the grooming salon immediately offered compensation, adding that the person responsible for this accident - yet qualified - had left the company.

But for the moment, no agreement has yet been settled between the two parties. As for the poor doggie, he must learn to eat with a piece of his tongue missing.