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Doggy paddle turns into nightmare. Owner can only watch in horror

Tank didn't stand a chance dog-sad
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A playful doggy paddle turned into a terrifying and tragic ordeal after a ruthless predator emerged from the shallow waters.

By Ashley Murphy , 15 Aug 2019

Cynthia Robinson, of Florida, USA, and her Pitbull named Tank were enjoying a leisurely stroll around a local park last week.

Although it was only 7 am, the temperature was pushing 21c, so Tank decided to go for a quick cool down in the lake.

What lies beneath

Tank then paddled back to the shore to dry himself off, and that's when the nightmare began. Before the pooch could reach the safety of dry land, a giant alligator burst through the lake's surface and snatched the Pitbull between its massive jaws.

Cynthia could only watch in horror, completely powerless to save her beloved pet from one of nature's most fearsome predators. She said:

"All I could do was stand there and watch my dog get eat. He was so fast. He took my dog, and he was gone...Tank didn't even stand a chance."

Tank certainly lived up to his name. Like many Pitbulls, he was powerfully built and weighed over 100lbs, but this gator made Tank look like a tiny Chihuahua. Cynthia continued:

"He had that look like he was yelping. He was like 'Help me, mama,' but I couldn't do nothing."

There are around 1.3million alligators in the state of Florida. However, in spite of this terrifying stat, attacks on humans and pets remain rare.

These kinds of attacks are rare 

Alligators subsist mainly off insects, amphibians, birds, and fish. That being said, these opportunistic predators never pass up on a chance for some easy meat - poor Tank was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The park will remain closed to the public while specially trained animal control officers try to locate the alligator.

Tank's tragic story follows a similar incident where a man jumped into the water to rescue his Labrador from an alligator attack. Amazingly, both man and dog escaped with only minor injuries.