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Stuck in traffic this man puts himself in danger for his dog (Video)

Guy stuck in traffic jam amazes other drivers dog-wow
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Driving along the motorway and getting caught up in a traffic jam is not the best way to spend your time. Its even worse if you have your dog in the car too. However, this guy had the best idea to ward off the monotony.

By Dawn Parrish , 15 Aug 2019

Waiting in a traffic jam

Driving along the freeway in Michigan the other day, motorist Shelby Wardell was weary when the traffic came to a dead stop. As she sat there drumming her fingers on the steering wheel, waiting for the cars up ahead to move, she spotted something that caught her attention.

Driver gets out of his standing vehicle

A few cars in front of Shelby, she spotted a man getting out of the driver’s side of his truck. This guy walked round to the passenger side, where she noticed a dog’s head appearing through the open window. It soon became clear that he had decided to exit his car and pet his dog.

Taking a long journey with a dog

Many dogs can become agitated and anxious when travelling on long journeys in a vehicle. This guy has the right idea as he strokes and pets the dog to keep it calm in the traffic jam. If you’re planning a long journey with your pooch, here are some hints to make the journey go as smoothly as possible.

No 1. Restrain your dog using a crate, a harness or a doggy seat belt

No 2. Always carry fresh water and a bowl for your dog to have frequent drinks

No 3. Make regular stops for toilet and walks on long journeys

No 4. Be aware of motion sickness – it helps if your pet is facing forward in the vehicle

No 5. Never leave your dog alone in the car – dogs can overheat within a matter of minutes in a car

A relaxed dog is a happy dog

Its obvious that this guy who petted his dog in the traffic jam, knew exactly how to calm his dog. The last thing you need during a long wait in a standing car is an agitated canine. Of course, everyone who saw this happy dog and his master when the cars came to a standstill felt quite joyful as they shared the apparent love between this man and his dog.

Guy gets out of car to pet dog in traffic

"Someone got out of their car in traffic to pet a dog..." ?

Posted by VT on Thursday, June 6, 2019