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Woman throws away unwanted baby. A pack of dogs does the unthinkable (Video)

The dogs saved the baby from certain death dog-sad
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A pair of super pooches came to the rescue after a woman dumped a newborn baby girl in a drain. 

By Ashley Murphy , 14 Aug 2019

CCTV footage captured the moment when the unnamed woman abandoned the baby girl near Kaithal town, India. Police said the baby weighed less than 3lbs and had been wrapped in plastic before being left to die. 

Some heroes have tails

Shortly after the shocking incident, two street pups arrive on the scene. It's unclear if they heard the infant crying or if they picked up on that newborn baby smell. 

Either way, they quickly spotted the little girl and then pulled her up to safety. 

The dogs started barking for help, which soon attracted the attention of some locals. They then transported the child to a local hospital. 

Her condition was described as serious, but doctors are doing everything they can to make sure she pulls through. 

Police have launched an investigation into the matter and are still trying to identify the woman. It's possible she was the baby's mother. However, given the casual way she discarded the newborn, officers are pursuing all possible options. A police spokesperson said: 

"We are trying to establish the identity of the woman, who will be charged under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code." 

Unfortunately, incidents like this are common in India. Due to economic and social pressures, many Indian families prefer sons to daughters, especially those living in the poorest parts of the country. Sons are seen as economic providers, while debt-ridden families often struggle to meet the dowry costs when their daughters marry. 

At least one girl gets another chance

Many baby girls are abandoned at birth. At present, there are around 63 million Indian women classed as 'statistically missing.' 

It's difficult to understand the scale of such a problem, but let's be thankful that these two pooches were there to make sure one little girl gets a second chance at life.