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Puppy refused to leave stray kitten and are now best friends

Taco and Tequila, dog and cat lie together dog-cat-happy
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When we talk about the animosity dogs and cats have for each other we generalise. This next story is a perfect example of how sometimes those who we think are our enemies turn out to be our best friends. 

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 14/08/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Love Meow tells the story of an Italian couple who adopted a dog called Taco. Delfina Plaja would take Taco on walks in order to toilet train him. Their route took them around the neighbourhood. 


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On one occasion, Delfina spotted a kitten hiding beneath a car. She stooped to try to retrieve the kitten but the animal was nervous and refused to come to her. However, when the kitten spotted Taco he crept onto the pavement to take a closer look. 

Friendly Taco and Mrs Plaja stood transfixed as the kitten curled itself around the dog and nuzzled his face. 


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Stray kitten in need of help 

Plaja had not noticed the kitten before and asked her neighbours to whom it belonged. She learned that the kitten was a stray and lived in a nearby garage. 

As the weeks passed Delfina fed the kitten in order to gain his trust. The animal was still nervous around Plaja but always greeted Taco as though he was a long-lost friend. Eventually, the cat would sit at the door of the couple’s house waiting for a glimpse of Taco. 

Mr. and Mrs Plaja eventually decided to adopt the cat which clearly had no owner and was in need of care. 


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Home, sweet home

Nervous to begin with, the cat (now called Tequila) took some time to settle in to his new home, but the presence of Taco drew forth his spirit. The two are now, according to Love Meow, inseparable. 

Writes Love Meow Delfina said, ‘They cuddle and play just like two brothers would, running after each other, rolling around and generally creating mayhem around the house.

Taco is outgoing and super sociable, making friends everywhere (just like his artist dad). Tequila is brave but introverted (just like his mom).

Together, they complete each other.


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