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Chihuahua dies saving his family from fire but the nightmare doesn’t end here

Coco the chihuahua dies in van fire dog-sad
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You don’t have to be big to be brave. That’s what one family discovered when their beloved Chihuahua died after rushing back to a burning van to save her family. But that’s not the only thing that is tragic about the story.

By Zoe Monk , 12 Aug 2019

Coco, the little brave Chihuahua was unaware that all the family were already safe.

Trapped inside

Dan and Cara Farrant, their three sons, daughter and Coco were driving up to Scotland when they spotted smoke coming out of the engine. Dan was able to pull out his three sons from the van, but his wife and three-year-old daughter were trapped inside when the door got stuck as the flames began to lick the windscreen.

I remember turning around and the flames were the full height of the windscreen just behind me,” Dan told the Daily Mail.

A passerby held Dan to prise open one of the van doors and free his distraught wife and daughter.

But little Coco thought they were still trapped in the vehicle.

Brave Chihuahua

Hoping to rescue them, Coco ran back into the burning van. The family didn’t notice their tiny Chihuahua had gone until it was too late.

We tried to run back, but the van exploded with Coco inside,” continued Dan.

Gone but never forgotten

The devastated family could only stand and watch as the fire consumed the van with their beloved Coco trapped inside. 

Firefighters discovered poor little Coco’s body under the front seat. She had huddled there trying to escape the fire.

Rest in peace Coco

Coco was the glue to our family. If one of us was sad or ill she would stay with that person,” said Cara. “I’m just lucky it wasn’t me or my daughter that lost our lives but I will never get over losing Coco,” she added.


One whole month today Coco Loco! I Love you! RIP! ????? I know I’ve got to sift through the shit to move forward, one step at a time of clearing out wasters then go forward ☺️

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