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Mum leaves her baby with her Pit Bull and can't believe what he is about to do

Watch this black Pit Bull as he approaches baby in front of TV dog-wow
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Pit bulls are often misjudged as being aggressive dogs - but this rare moment between a baby and a Pit bull will prove you how loyal, kind and family oriented is this breed.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 13/08/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

We tend to hear many negative stories in the media with Pit Bulls. So, you might wonder if it is safe to have a Pit Bull around a young baby? 

A Pit Bull and a baby; What happens next?

Bear in mind before you watch this video, the child’s mother was always present and confident about the situation. In fact, she was filming the video.

Your heart may well be in your mouth, as you spot Max, the hungry Pit Bull approach the baby sitting in his reclining chair in front of the TV. As the child waves around the tasty biscuit, the black dog begins to drool and sniff around the chair. The dog moves in closer, in fact, right next to the face of the baby. You can almost hear the silence as viewers of the video hold their breath. What will the intimidating dog do now?

Max shows amazing patience

The Pit Bull watches patiently as the baby moves the biscuit around in front of his very eyes. When at last, the baby holds out his left arm holding the biscuit, Max, the black dog takes this as a signal that the snack is for him and he moves in very slowly and steadily and takes a first lick of the biscuit. As the child continues to hold out the snack, the Pit Bull removes it gently from the baby’s hand then slowly walks away to the rug, where he lies down and begins to chew on the treat.

Negative view of this breed of dog

Of course, people are allowed to have their own opinion, but unhappily in modern times, many have a negative opinion on this amazing breed. Seeing one of this breed in such close proximity to a young baby is quite rare, and also a rather shock provoking incident. Pit Bulls can be sweet and loving pets, but likewise, they are very intelligent, courageous and strong dogs. This breed is often misunderstood and is given a bad reputation. However, before you judge a Pit Bull for its breed or looks, find out about its personality and temperament too. Many of these negative views are in place as a result of incompetent training by its owner.

As you wouldn’t judge a book by its cover – don’t gauge this Pit Bull by the breed’s reputation.