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As he leaves the cemetery, this man discovers the unthinkable in a bin (Video)

bin in cemetery with trash cat-angry
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It certainly wasn’t the discovery he expected to make at the cemetery, when he was visiting the graves of his loved ones. The man cleared the dead flowers from the graveside and walked over to the rubbish bin. As he approached the trash bin, he heard a quiet whimpering sound.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 13/08/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Unexpected discovery at the cemetery

A man visiting a cemetery in the Pas-de-Calais region in France, discovers inside a waste bin something that made his stomach lurch. A plastic bag containing seven defenceless, tiny kittens. How could anyone be so cruel just to discard these little animals with the rubbish. It’s clear that the kitties are in a poor way and not far from death’s door.

Man who makes unexpected find is furious

As he lifted the kittens out of the rubbish bin, it seems that they are not all going to survive. The man is angry at the cruel and unkind act; how could any humane person abandon these seven newborns and leave them to die, especially in such as a lonely place as the cemetery, where its purely by chance that he was there to find them.

The person who found the kittens made a video of this malicious and unkind act, in the hope that more people will be alerted to this cruel deed. He posted the movie on social media in the hope of tracking down the culprit.

A common occurrence these days

Unfortunately, we often hear news of people abandoning kittens at the side of the road or dumped in a box at a remote location. Its difficult to imagine how someone could do this to another living thing.

Recent updates on social media appear to affirm that possibly three of the defenceless kittens may have survived. A terrible shame.


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