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The world has fallen in love with this grumpy Shiba Inu

Chester the grumpy Shiba Inu dog-wow
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We may all get the grumps sometimes, but no one can combine grumpy with cute like Chester, the world’s grumpiest dog. He is one dog who manages to look grumpy every single day.

By Zoe Monk , 12 Aug 2019

Meet Chester, the Shiba Inu who looks like he’s got out of the wrong side of the bed. Pretty much every day.


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Grumpy old man

While Chester is nearly 13 in dog years, he is roughly 65 in human years. So perhaps he’s just being a bit of a grumpy old man.


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Drama queen

But it seems this Shiba Inu might be a bit of a diva too. Chester’s human dad, Kirby Kaufman told Bored Panda:

"Chester is a drama queen. He’s very grumpy and clingy."

But it seems that Chester knows his own mind and likes everything on his own terms. Kirby continued:

"He loves being petted. But only when he lets you pet him. Typical Shiba attitude."


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Why the grumpy face?

Kirby adopted Chester in 2017 and soon after friends started asking him why Chester looked so cross all the time. Some even think he looks like an angry fox, while others call him a demon dog.


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Given all the attention he was getting, Kirby set up his own grumpy sheeb Instagram page. Nearly 8,300 followers now regularly check out photos of Chester looking, well, grumpy.

Grumpy inside and out

But Chester doesn’t seem too bothered about all the attention he's been getting.

"Chester is grumpy to the deepest of his core," said Kirby. "He is what all grumpsters aspire to be. He embodies the rage we all have on the inside."


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Maybe a slice of his favourite pizza will cheer him up.


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Or maybe not.