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Wamiz dog breed selector: find out which breed is perfect for you!

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Have you always dreamt of having a dog? We totally understand. Dogs are the best! They are smart, beautiful, and super loyal. They won’t judge you for anything, and they’ll love you unconditionally!

By Justine Seraphin , 12 Aug 2019

Taking in a dog is a huge commitment and the decision to get one should not be taken lightly. You’re going to have to pay for vet bills throughout their life, make sure that you always have a solution for them when you go on holiday, and you’re definitely going to need to devote time and energy to their training and exercise!

Which breed of dog is perfect for me?

Once you’re sure you can provide for a pooch, the next question you’ll ask yourself, naturally, is what kind of dog you should get.

There are hundreds of breeds out there to choose from, and some may be better suited to your lifestyle than others.


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For instance, if you live in an apartment, you may be looking for a smaller breed. Or maybe you’re very outdoorsy and looking for a buddy who can come with you on hour-long hikes? Perhaps you have kids and are looking for the perfect companion for them. Then again, you may be a first-time dog owner who’s looking for a super chilled-out breed to start out. Or you’re a clean freak and can’t stand dog hair all over the place?


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Don’t worry, we’ll help you

All of these factors come into play when you’re trying to pick out a dog, and with all the breeds out there, it can be hard to make the right decision. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

With our new dog breed selector, we analyse your test results and compare them with hundreds of breed descriptions. Within minutes, you can find out which breed is perfect for you!


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Don’t forget – there are thousands of dogs in shelters who desperately need homes. If you’re fixated on a breed, chances are you can find it in a shelter somewhere. And remember, mixed breeds are just various breeds put together! So you can certainly find what you’re looking for in them, too!

Try it out now and find out which breed is perfect for you by clicking here.