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Katie Price saved by her German Shepherd as burglars enter her home

Katie Price attacked by masked man dog-wow
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When Katie Price feels an arm around her neck, it’s already too late! A masked man holds her in a tight grip from behind, making her completely helpless. The raid is being carried out by two men, and her daughter is threatened too! Luckily, her German Shepherd, Blade, saves the day!

By Justine Seraphin , 10 Aug 2019

It’s one of the few calm moments in Katie Price’s crazy life. She’s sitting comfortably in her yard, relaxing in a pair of sweatpants while her daughter (12) plays with the family dog nearby.

April 2018: first raid in South Africa

Blade, the German Shepherd, was purchased in February following a terrifying attack Price had to endure only a few months prior. While she was in South Africa, she was attacked in her own car, in the presence of her children! The attackers had been masked men then too. Since the attack, Price never felt comfortable when she was alone with her children, even in the safety of her own home.

And now, an attack by masked men happens again! Right in her home!

Blade to the rescue

But this time, the attackers didn’t account for one very important detail: Blaze is there. Though she is being held in the attacker’s tight grasp, she is able to call out for help.

“Stop him!” she screams.

Without a single hint of hesitation, the brave Shepherd dog launches forward, jumping onto one of the attackers and biting his arm.

Once the attackers have let Price go, she orders Blaze to release the man’s arm and return to her side, so that he will be there in case she needs him.

Everyone is relieved, mainly because, this was all an exercise!

UK protection dogs

Since her traumatizing experience in Africa, Katie Price knew she had to do something to feel safer. So she acquired a trained protection dog, a beautiful black German Shepherd who knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

Blade was trained by a group called Protection Dogs Worldwide. This group trains dogs of various breeds to protect – and then places them with families or businesses in need. The satisfaction rate for this program is very high, and the video certainly speaks for itself. These beautiful dogs are amazingly well-trained, responding immediately to commands and staying alert for their family.

Well done Blade! Even though this was only a test video, you did a very impressive job!


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