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'Flying' cats jump so high that they become Instagram sensations

The cats have over 17K followers cat-happy
© wakaponsan - Instagram

A Japanese cat lover is making his pet kitties Insta-famous via the power of social media. What makes his cats so Instagrammable? Well, apart from the fact that they're CATS, they're also fabulous jumpers, and their owner makes sure he captures every single moment of their amazing 'flights'.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/08/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

The adorable Instagram account follows the adventures of a pair of furry little rascals called Chaco & Suzuka, as well as a couple for their four-legged friends.

Also known as the ninja cats or the flying kittens, these furballs love to show off their acrobatic skills.


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The popular account has over 17k followers. And if you thought this was just another standard cute-kitty page, think again. Chaco & Suzuka are continually pushing the boundaries of what a cat can do:


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However, it looks like the cats are just as susceptible to the pitfalls of fame as any two-legged celebrity. Cats are famous for their egotistical approach to life, but these guys are seriously in love with their new image:


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And the primadonna behaviour doesn't stop there; check this pose!


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The identity of the flying cat's owner remains something of a mystery, although it's believed they rescued the felines from an animal shelter a few years ago.

But whoever they may be, it seems like they're more than happy to stay in the background, allowing their kitties to soak up all the limelight. Then again, when your competition is this cute, I don't really blame them!


A post shared by Dancing cat Chaco & Suzuka ?? (@wakaponsan) on

Seriously, who could compete with that!

You can follow the dancing cats on Instagram. You could also track their adventures via Twitter, although you might need to brush up on your Japanese first.