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Parents leave 6-month-old baby with boxer dog and the result is extraordinary

Baby in pink clothes next to a boxer dog dog-happy
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Watch this video of canine and human contact. A 6-month-old baby plays with her family’s boxer dog. Here is the start of a beautiful relationship that will last for a lifetime.

By Nick Whittle , 11 Aug 2019

It is often not advisable to let a dog play with a very young child. But in the case of these two, the family must have been confident of their dog’s temperament, and confident of the child’s want to be in such close quarters with a sharp-toothed animal!

If you intend to introduce your dog to a new human arrival then you should do so in stages. A dog that is well-rooted in the home will usually be wary and more than a little put out by the arrival of a baby.

Some experts suggest ensuring your dog is used to your pregnancy and setting boundaries prior to the birth to enable the animal to feel more comfortable.

A handful of other guidelines for introducing dogs and babies are as follows:

•    A few months before bringing your new-born child home ensure any new restrictions in the house or new house-rules are learned by your dog. This will ensure that your dog does not suddenly find itself ousted by the new arrival.

•    Introduce the dog to some of your new-born baby’s clothes before you bring the child home from the hospital.

•    Before arriving at home with the baby, greet your dog first. Make sure the dog is tethered to begin with; doing so will prevent it from jumping up excitedly and hurting you or the new-born unintentionally.

•    As the weeks progress, allow your dog to venture closer to your child. ALWAYS supervise their meetings. Theoretically, no child – even one in their early teens – should be left alone with a dog.


The Boxer breed is renowned for its gentleness and intelligence. They have a long and illustrious history as companions to humans, and so know us well.

Despite a poor reputation in some quarters Boxers are lovers rather than fighters. The happiest boxer is one that is tucked within the fold of its family. It may be a protective dog but it is also incredibly intelligent. A Boxer’s instinctive behaviour is almost always nurturing.

Their intelligence and ease of interactions with humans make Boxers worthwhile service and therapy dogs.