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Hilarious footage of 'drunk'cat passed out near train station

This cat might have a 'drinking' problem cat-wow
© Daily Mail - Youtube

Afternoon commuters stumbled across the adorable sight of a little kitty curled up outside a train station, although some are concerned that this furry guy might be spiralling out of control!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/08/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Passengers returning home from work via the MRT Sam Yan station in Bangkok, Thailand, spotted the snoozing cat lying on the pavement.

Despite the bustle of the Friday afternoon commute, the resting cat was utterly oblivious to passersby, including 28-year-old Saisuda Padungwetsawat.

Has this cat got a 'sugar' problem?

He managed to catch the super-cute moment on camera, which shows the cat clutching onto a can of fizzy drink like it's the only thing left in the world.

In fact, it soon starts to look like this kitty is recovering from a heavy night of partying with cat pals, or maybe it's just crashing after a sugar binge! Saisuda said:

''He also looked like she's drunk from drinking too much Sprite, but I guess someone had left the litter and he just liked the taste."

''He was holding the can like she was afraid that someone will take it away.''

Nobody has seen the party animal since the footage emerged. Is it continuing a downward spiral into the murky work of sugar abuse? Or has one of its four-legged friends stepped up to make sure he gets the help he needs? Is there even such a thing as kitty rehab?

Or maybe we're all overreacting. Everyone deserves to blow off some steam now and again,even if their life is all cat naps and cuddles!