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Dog abandoned with broken legs is back on road to recovery

Chilli is developing into a happy dog dog-sad
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A dog abandoned at an animal rescue centre with two broken legs is finally on the road to recovery thanks to the love and care of her foster mum, who will never give up on her.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 10/08/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:24

Chilli's owner took the white pitbull crossbreed into a see a local vet. The poor pooch had recently broken both her back legs and required a lengthy stay in the animal hospital.

Chilli's owners suddenly disappear

However, after a few weeks, it became clear that Chilli's owners were never coming back. They ignored the hospital's calls, probably to avoid the prospect of some very high medical bills.

But this didn't deter Colby Webb, founder of Sav-a-Bull Rescue and Chilli's new foster mummy. She said:

"We anticipated big medical bills, but one look at that sweet freckled face and we were goners."

Chilli will stay with her temporary family until they can raise funds for an operation to fix her back legs. It's a big ask as these kinds of procedures are never cheap, but at least Chilli has someone who will never give up on her again.

In the meantime, Chilli is receiving all the cuddles and strokes a dog deserves. Since moving in with Colby, the white pitbull has really come out of her shell and is developing into a happy, well-adjusted dog.

You can never keep a good dog down

Any story of animal cruelty or abandonment is heartbreaking, but they often show us just how resilient and amazing dogs can be. Despite suffering terrible traumas, so many retain their loving and loyal spirits, turning into wonderful life-long companions for the kind of people who actually deserve the privilege of owning a dog.

There's never an excuse to abandon our best friends. If you're ever struggling to care for your pooch, contact a vet or a local animal charity for help. In the meantime, say hello to one very special pooch!

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