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Dog tied to a tree and left to die gave his rescuers the BIGGEST smile

Pitbull smiles dog-wow
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The cowardly owner of this poor innocent animal had left his dog to die by tying him to a tree in the middle of nowhere, with no food or water. Luckily, the sweet dog barked for help and was saved just in time.

By Justine Seraphin , 11 Aug 2019

Road workers were collecting trash along a highway in Dutchess County, New York when they heard distant barking.

A shocking discovery

The group was of course surprised, since they were in the middle of nowhere and so close to a highway. It was unlikely anyone was walking their dog there. So they decided to investigate and follow the barking sounds.

They were shocked when they discovered the source of the barking. They found a dog all alone, tied to a tree. The poor pooch had obviously been left there to die.

Greeted with a happy face

The dog was very surprised to see people too! He had been alone for who knows how long, and was just glad he was finally getting some attention. The Pitbull made his thankfulness known by addressing a radiant smile to his rescuers. He had been let down by a terrible person, yet he still found the love in him to express his gratitude to the people who were about to end his living nightmare.

Surprisingly, apart from dehydration, the dog was in good health. It was lucky he was found in time though, as he had no food or water to help him survive and the temperatures were rising. A few days more and he might not have been so lucky.

He was quickly brought to the SPCA (the American equivalent of the RSPCA), where he soon made many friends.

Sweet boy has a bright future

Pesci, as he was later named, did not have an electronic chip on him when he was examined by the vets. Unfortunately, this means his owners could not be charged for animal cruelty, but Pesci is healthy, and that’s all that matters!

He is described by shelter staff as affectionate, playful, and happy, despite his difficult past. Police are still searching for his previous owners, but in any case, it goes without saying that Pesci will never return to his former home. Instead, he will soon be put up for adoption. Shelter staff are very positive about his future: he is such an adorable animal that he will find a loving forever home in no time!