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Owner watches her surveillance footage, sees tragedy unfolding before her eyes

Surveillance camera catches woman abusing dog dog-angry
© CBS Los Angeles - Youtube

The events took place in Victorville, California. A dog owner had to leave her house for a few days, and unfortunately discovered horrifying footage on her surveillance camera while she was gone.

By Justine Seraphin , 7 Aug 2019

Yet, the owner had left her dog in the very capable hands of a professional dog-sitter listed on the Rover app. She had already used this dog sitter for her 10-month-old puppy, and had not encountered any problems with her…until now.

A bad choice

But when she checked her surveillance camera footage, just to be sure everything was going alright, her heart stopped.

The dog sitter was violently throwing the puppy onto the ground in an abusive and unacceptable way.

The scene was so unbearable to watch that the owner had to rush home immediately to make sure her dog was safe. Luckily, when she returned, her puppy was in good health and spirits.

Learn from your mistakes

The owner has not yet decided to press charges, however, she has shared the video with many media companies in order to raise awareness about these dog walking and sitting apps. You must be very careful who you choose to look after your pet, and be sure that it is someone you trust completely.

Maybe the puppy had done something naughty, but this kind of punishment is beyond inadmissible. We hope this woman will never be trusted to look after an animal again.