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Innocent kittens? Once in their foster home, their true plans start to show

These cats charmed their way into a new home cat-happy
© Sarah Jane Sanders Hughes - Facebook

Their machiavelic plans to win over their fosters thus securing a future for themselves worked out to perfection. A temporary solution turned into a forever home after these four adorable kitties melted the hearts of their new cat parents.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 07/08/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Sarah and Rick Hughes from Indiana, USA, agreed to step in as foster parents after reading a story about a gang of kittens handed into a local animal shelter.

Staff at the Here Kitty Kitty Rescue didn't have the resources to care for the furballs, so a foster home was the next best solution.

Lending a helping paw to cats in need

Fostering is a popular option for many animals rescue organisations. Kittens live with their foster parents in temporary homes until they're big and strong enough for adoption.

It means foster parents get to experience the joys and rewards of looking after animals in need without making any long-term commitments. The service also helps socialise young pets, which makes it much easier to find them a forever home.

But fostering cute kittens always comes with one very big risk - you might just fall in love and want to keep them forever.

And that's exactly what happened to Sarah and Rick! In fact, it was pretty much love at first sight. Sarah Hughes said:

"My husband quickly told me that the moment the kittens came home, he knew he wanted to keep them."

The charm offensive begins

Sensing the opportunity to secure a loving home, the adorable foursome launched a charm offensive. The kittens (Rosie, Violet, Leo and Finn) would be waiting by the door as their humans came home from work, and they always seemed to pick the perfect moment to ask for a little snuggle.

They even comforted Sarah after she came down with the flu. That pretty much sealed the deal, and it wasn't long until the couple decided the kitties were here to stay.

Now we're sure this furry gang had the best of intentions, but we can't help thinking they knew exactly what they were doing! After all, who wouldn't get taken in by these little charmers!