This dog's HUGE ears are making him an Insta-star

Papillon Maltese mix lying on the floor dog-wow © marupgoma_c - Instagram

There are so many exceptional dogs on the internet nowadays. But this one truly has something special. Meet Goma, the most popular and Insta-famous dog in all of Japan.

By Justine Seraphin

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Goma, the Maltese/Papillon mix

Goma (which means ‘sesame’ in Japanese) is what you would call a designer dog. Indeed, he is the result of a mix between two purebred parents: a Maltese and a Papillon. No wonder he’s so cute!

At 5 years old, Goma has racked up an incredible 119 thousand followers on Instagram due to his most unique feature: his ears.


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Not only are they completely disproportionate to the rest of his body, they are also a different colour! If you ask us, Goma looks more like a teddy bear or Mickey Mouse than a dog!


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While his ears are the fruit of his mixed genes, it must be noted that mixed breeds can turn out to be very random. Even though Goma looks like Mickey, it’s not a sure bet that another dog of the same breed would look exactly the same!

A Japanese pooch becoming a worldwide star

Goma has become so popular in his part of the world that he has already made several appearances on Japanese television. Vogue Korea even featured photographs of him in a recent edition! We think he’ll be on the front cover of British Vogue in no time!

In fact, his popularity is already spreading. Though he lives in Japan, most of Goma’s followers actually come from the United States, where he’s rapidly becoming a pup-star!

And that’s totally understandable, I mean, look at that face! You can’t not fall in love! Make sure to give Goma a follow!


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A post shared by まるぱぴ ゴマ (@marupgoma_c) on

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