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Driver discovers a shocking sight on the car next to his

Dog crate attached to back of car dog-angry
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A dangerous choice, to say the least. When travelling in a car with a pet, any responsible owner would make sure the animal is well restrained, and – you would think this goes without saying – INSIDE the car.

By Justine Seraphin , 6 Aug 2019

But animal cruelty is sometimes surreal, and that’s certainly the case in this situation. The terrible events took place on the Parisian highway.

Dangerous spot for a dog

A driver was in the middle of the Parisian highway when he turned to look at the car next to his, and discovered a shocking scene. The car was carrying a dog crate in the back. And we’re not talking back seat. In the back OF THE CAR. Where bikes are supposed to be.

Worse than that, there was actually a dog being transported in the crate. The picture speaks a thousand words: the dog is visibly terrorised from the trip he is living.


Aperçu sur le périphérique parisien, même si ce n’est pas illégal, son chien n’est manifestement pas en sécurité.

Posted by Paris Info en Continu on Monday, July 8, 2019

Wrong, but not against the law

Technically, the only rule in the UK regarding the transportation of pets is that they be sufficiently restrained in order to ensure they do not impair driving. However, officers are free to fine as they feel is appropriate.

We are certain if a Police officer witnessed this scene, whether in the UK or in France, they would get involved immediately.

This is obviously not a safe place to be for an animal. The poor dog is breathing in hundreds of toxic fumes, enduring the bulk of the road bumps, and suffering from the inescapable heat. If anything were to happen and the crate detached itself from the car, the poor pooch would be tragically destroyed in a matter of seconds. Not to mention this is also dangerous for other drivers on the road.

This irresponsible act was signalled to the Police, and to animal welfare groups. Hopefully, the driver will be punished for his unreasonable decisions. We just hope the dog is safe and sound.