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Heroic firefighter doesn’t give up hope to save an injured dog's life

Heroic firefighter battles to save injured dog's life dog-happy
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Following a devastating fire in an apartment in Pitesti, Romania, both the 51-year-old tenant and his pet dog were rescued from the flames. While the man was rushed to hospital, his lifeless dog was left behind. Was there any hope for this little dog?

By Dawn Parrish , 6 Aug 2019

The dog’s injured body lay on the pavement outside the apartment, seemingly lifeless, with not much hope of survival.

Hero firefighter comes to the dog’s rescue

All life seemed to be lost, that is, until the heroic firefighter Costache Mugurel appeared on the scene. He knelt down right next to the motionless dog and began to give CPR resuscitation actions. The firefighter remembered what he had been taught during his training sessions, and first carried out chest compressions, in an attempt to help the unconscious dog.  As there doesn’t appear to be any response, Mugurel then gives the tiny dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. A fellow firefighter comes forward with an oxygen supply and the firefighter places the mask over the poor dog’s mouth.

The firefighter’s efforts are not in vain

Bystanders were amazed to see the small dog beginning to take some short breaths by himself. The dog was taken to a local vet’s surgery for a check over, where he is now on the road to recovery. A video of this heroic course of action was shared on social media platforms, where it has been viewed more than 2 million times.


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Heroic champion receives a well-deserved honour

Of course, Mugurel was carrying out his work obligations and responsibilities when he attended the apartment fire on that fateful day, but his actions went over and above the line of duty when he brought the smoke-affected dog back to life.

The local government in Romania honoured his heroic actions and the General Inspectorate presented the firefighter with a medal and certificate. He was awarded this great honour in recognition of the devotion he holds to saving lives. He is certainly a hero in everyone’s eyes, and deserves such recognition.


Bravo, Costache Mugurel!!!

Posted by Dana Cuta on Monday, December 12, 2016