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Britain's oldest rescue dog FINALLY finds his retirement home

Tonks, one of the country's oldest rescue dogs finds his forever home dog-happy
© Dogs Trust Kenilworth - Youtube

At 17 years old, Tonks the Jack Russell Terrier was the oldest dog in all the Dogs Trust Rescue centres. The sweet boy has captured the nation’s hearts and finally found his forever home.

By Dawn Parrish , 5 Aug 2019

Thought to be the oldest dog in care, the little Jack is 17, which is the equivalent of 119 human years. His advanced age prevented him from being adopted. The elderly pooch was found wandering the streets near Kenilworth, Warwickshire where he was picked up and taken to the local Dogs Trust Rescue Centre.

Destined to spend his twilight years at the rescue centre

This cute Jack Russell, whose age extends to three digits, is one of the oldest dogs that the Dogs Trust has had in its care. Even though he is in good health, Tonks would certainly be more suitable for a household where he could live a more sedate life as he faces his retirement years. There are certainly many advantages to adopting an elderly dog. They make brilliant companions, especially for someone who is at home for most of the day.

Super cute Jack Russell finds his forever home

Just two weeks after the rescue centre launched a public appeal, Tonks has found a new owner. Janet Hall, who lives in Kenilworth, saw the public appeal on the news and immediately fell in love with the ageing pooch. How could she resist the terrier’s cheeky smile, even if his hair is greying slightly?

Goerge, as he is now known, happy in his forever home
George, as the country's oldest rescue dog is now called, with his new owner©Dogs Trust Kennilworth - Youtube

Oldest dog has a change of identity too

Not only has Tonks been offered the chance of his forever home, the 17-year-old canine has also been given a new name. George, as he is now known, has been adopted by dog-lover Janet, who has previously owned two other elderly dogs, Monica and Phoebe, who she sadly lost several years ago.

Janet confirms that George has now settled brilliantly into his new home and loves nothing better than to snuggle on the sofa with her each evening. The terrier enjoys spending time outside in the garden and has fun on his daily walks too. He is certainly enjoying his retirement years.

If you could offer a home to a senior dog, contact the Dogs Trust for further information.