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Two dogs proclaimed “heroes” for saving their owner from assault

Screenshot of video of man mugged dog-wow
© Black Blassom - YouTube

A quiet street in Buenos Aries turned into the scene of a brief yet horrific assault on a local resident. Luckily the victim’s two Boxer dogs saved him from serious injury.

By Nick Whittle , 5 Aug 2019

Reported the Mail Online in May of this year, an Argentinian man was washing his car outside his home in the affluent suburb of Quilmes when two assailants struck.

A CCTV video posted on YouTube shows the moment the muggers lunged at the man. Intent on stealing the homeowner’s car, one of the attackers is seen grabbing the man about the neck and pointing a gun to his head.

Fortunately, inside the victim’s car were his two Boxers, renowned for their loyalty and ferocious protectiveness. At once they jumped from the car to help their owner, fearlessly confronting and forcing the attackers to run from the scene.

One of the men is seen discharging his weapon in the direction of the dogs but neither was injured.

The Mail Online writes that no arrests were made.

Protective behaviour in dogs

Any dog owner will say that their dog exhibits some degree of protective behaviour. In the case of the unfortunate porteños, his dog’s instinct to fend off the danger may just have saved his life. Dogs are naturally protective of their own kind and of their owners.

But when is protective behaviour unwanted? And to what extent should we allow our dogs to guard us so intently?

Sometimes a dog’s protectiveness can get the better of it. In cases where it does, every effort should be made to remove this reaction from the dog’s instinct “library”. Failure to do so will cause problems to arise, and benign situations may be perceived by the dog as dangerous.

Whatever the situation, a dog should certainly not be encouraged to become over-protective of its owner. A dog that is will be more apt to bouts of aggression which may include biting.

In this case, the dog's protectiveness was certainly forthcoming! Check out the incredible video below: