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Policeman feels something fluffy brushing up against his leg while showering

Policeman takes a shower dog-wow
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They say that a policeman is never off duty, but one officer of the law took his job to a whole new level after apprehending a four-legged fugitive while taking a shower.

By Ashley Murphy , 4 Aug 2019

An officer from the town of Crailsheim, Germany, was taking a much-needed shower after work when he felt something furry brush against his leg.

Now if this were me, I'd be thinking giant spider - then the panic would really start kicking in!

A very unusual shower buddy

Luckily, officers of the law are trained to keep a cool head in these kinds of situations, so he looked down to see what had joined him for a refreshing shower.

And he probably had to look twice; because no matter how many years you've spent on the beat, finding a stray dog in the shower is always going to be a bit of a surprise!

The perplexed officer quickly dries off, gets back into uniform, and takes the pooch into the main part of the police station.

At first, he thinks that one of his colleagues brought the dog into work. When no-one owns up to the pup, he begins to suspect he's the victim of a practical joke. But after that line of enquiry hits another dead-end, he launches an investigation into the mysterious appearance.

Germany's most wanted pooch

Following some old-fashioned detective work, the officer discovers that this isn't any ordinary stray - this is an escaped fugitive from a local dog shelter! In fact, he's top of the most wanted list!

The furry escape artist was returned to the shelter, which is located just a few miles away from the station. Nobody knows how the pooch managed to escape or why he decided to hand himself to the local police!

Staff at the shelter will now be keeping a close on this cute guy until he finds a new home!