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Last second decision saves kittens from horrible death

The kittens will be rehomed in a few weeks cat-wow
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A scrapyard worker saved four tiny, helpless kittens from being squashed into oblivion after he made a last-second inspection of a car destined for the crusher.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 04/08/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:42

Every car has to be checked before it goes into the crusher. And while this vehicle had already been inspected, the unnamed hero made the inexplicable decision to recheck it.

A last second, life-saving decision

Expecting to find nothing particularly interesting, he was surprised to notice a small nest of hay underneath one of the seats. What's more, it seemed to be moving!

He went in for a closer look and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw a family of adorable kittens.

The man raised the alarm, and the crusher was turned off.

The kittens were later handed over to a local animal hospital in Tiershutz, Berlin. Unfortunately, one of the little guys didn't make it, but the other three are recovering well.

Hospital staff named the feline trio Feline, Fred, and Ferdi. They'll stay where they are for a few more weeks before being rehomed with loving families.


The kittens are thought to be less than two weeks old, and their mum was most likely a stray who lived near the scrapyard.

Cats mums always look for quiet little snugs to raise their kittens, although this place wasn't quite as safe as it first seemed!

Like most major cities, Berlin has a large population of stray and feral cats. Experts believe as many as 10,000 are currently roaming around the German capital. And with adult queens coming into season during spring, animal rescue services always report a spike in stray kittens during the summer months.

A large number are rescued, neutered, and rehomed, but many don't make it past the first few months.

Did the kitty god have a paw in this?

Thankfully, these furry guys had a massive stroke of luck, and it won't be long before they're settling into their forever homes.

As for their rescuer, who knows what inspired him to make an extra last-minute check of the vehicle? Was it fate? Random chance? Or maybe it was divine intervention from the kitty gods?

Either way, he saved these kitties from certain death - and that's all we really care about!