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Top 10 designer dog breeds that you never knew existed

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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What’s a designer dog you wonder? A designer dog is a mix of two purebred dog breeds. Usually, they are crossed with the hopes of getting the best of both breeds…and sometimes the results end up looking very original!

The most common of designer dogs are poodle crosses, for instance Golden or Labradoodles. Indeed, Poodles have the advantage of having a hypoallergenic coat, so mixing them with other breeds sometimes makes the resulting offspring hypoallergenic too!

However, there are dozens of new designer breeds popping up everywhere, especially since they’re typically healthier than purebreds.

Check out our Top Ten Designer Dogs below:

1. Golden Doodle : Golden Retriever/Poodle

With the Golden’s loyal face and friendly disposition, as well as the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat, this is a perfect family dog!


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2. Pomsky: Pomeranian/Husky

Striking Pomeranian fluff and, if you’re lucky, piercing blue Husky eyes, the Pomsky is a perfect mix of beautiful AND athletic!

3. Walpig: SharPei/Bulldog

Less wrinkles than the SharPei but a longer snout than the Bulldog, this designer dog is a robust, life-loving breed!

4.Puhuahua: Pug/Chihuahua

With a bit more muscle than the Chihuahua but a longer snout than the Pug, the Puhuahua may be the quintessential lap dog!

5. Labsky: Labrador/Husky

Want a dog who’s got the looks but is also trainable and obedient? Look no further – the Labsky has the Husky eyes but the Labrador brains!


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6. Horgi: Husky/Corgi

Now this one is purely cute factor – I mean, those eyes…with those little legs? Be still our hearts.

7. Puggle: Pug/Beagle

If you want a healthy and athletic breed like the Beagle but you also want the Pug’s clownish personality, then this is the perfect mix for you!

8. Labradoodle: Labrador/Poodle

Another great choice for those with allergies and a family: here you get the Poodle’s coat and the Labrador’s friendly character!

9. Cavapoo: Cavalier King Charles/Poodle

Once more, the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat and the Cavalier King Charles’ affectionate and laid-back personality.

10. Cockapoo: Cocker Spaniel/Poodle

An energetic pooch to be sure! And the looks to go with it too! The perfect breed for lovers of these flushing breeds…without wanting to deal with all the fur!

Which one is your favourite? Here at Wamiz, we think every dog is beautiful! No matter how many breeds are thrown in the mix! Remember the above descriptions are general guidelines, but with a mix, you never really know what you're getting...kind of like a box of chocolates!

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