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Watch: Dog mum dishes out lesson in respect

The pups learnt the lesson quickly dog-wow
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There's always been plenty of debate over the best ways to teach the next generation. Some people believe a softer approach works best, while others argue that it's essential the little ones know who's in charge. We think it's fair to say that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

By Ashley Murphy , 3 Aug 2019

However much a mum loves her babies, at some point a line needs to be drawn. And this Golden Retriever mum just showed everyone how it's done.

A lesson in respect

The amazing video shows the pups jumping over mum, jostling for a prime position during feeding time. Mum, who is obviously unhappy with the group's unruly behaviour, lets out a low growl.

It like she's saying, "Look, guys. I'm not ready yet. Now starting behaving yourselves."

But when the over-enthusiastic pups fail to respond, mum takes a much stricter approach. She jumps back and lets out a series of big barks followed by a hard stare.

The new-born pups know exactly what mum is saying this time. The little furballs back away, lie down on the floor, and stare up at mum with their puppy dog eyes. It's the kind of look that says, "Sorry, Mum. Please don't shout at us again!"  

A few brave (or silly) pups start crawling towards mum for some tasty milk, but another low growl puts them back in their place. Talk about a lesson in good manners!

More super dog-mums

The heart-warming video goes on to show more examples of amazing dog mums, including one pooch rescuing her litter from a heavy downpour,  while in another clip, a French Bulldog stares at her prematurely born puppies as they recovery inside an incubation unit.

Honestly, we didn't think dogs could get any cuter, but these guys definitely proved us wrong!

Dog teaching puppies respect

Dog moms are just like human moms! ❤️ ?

Posted by Daily Mail on Sunday, July 28, 2019