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This rescue dog's eyes hide a sad truth, but she gets a FURever home anyway

Kila the blind dog dog-happy
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What is it about a dog that would tempt you to choose it from a whole pack of others at a shelter or a kennel? Their size? The colour of their fur? What about its eyes? Meet one woman who could not resist choosing the oddest of the bunch.

By Nick Whittle , 3 Aug 2019


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Kila’s owner was so taken by the energy and vitality of the blind husky mix that she knew she had to adopt her. In a video she posted online Alexis Magoo said, “I just knew when I saw her picture: that was the dog for me.

All she knows is love.”

Kila was discovered wandering the streets of Tijuana in Mexico. Her affliction had caused her to become the choice target of locals who took delight in throwing bottles and stones at her.

In 2017 she was rescued by Forever Home Pet Rescue,a non-profit organisation. Forever Home returned Kila to the United States and cared for her. It wasn’t long until Magoo spotted Kila from a series of pictures posted online.


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A new beginning

In her video Magoo describes Kila as looking like a “cartoon”. But it is not just her looks that she is taken with. Kila’s lust for life and the happiness the dog brings to others are constant illuminations.

I was going through a lot of personal stuff,” Magoo told The Dodo. “I was really sad all the time, had horrible anxiety and was pretty much miserable. She instantly brought joy to me and all those around her. She knows nothing but love, and it radiates from her eyes.”


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Blindness no hindrance

Kila is, according to Magoo, no worse for being blind. “She gets around fine,” she told The Dodo. “Once she goes around she’ll do circles around a new place. And once she’s got it mapped out in her head she runs and stops on a dime.”

Blind dogs should not be overlooked by someone who wishes to adopt a dog. Sight is not a dog’s primary sense, and those that are blind are generally as friendly and as gentle as seeing dogs.


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