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Watch: Baby runs away from German Shepherds in extraordinary chase

German Shepherds surround baby dog-happy
© Rumble Viral - Youtube

This video shows the reality that lies in the coexistence of a baby with two imposing German Shepherds. Whether you hate it or love it, one thing's for sure, this video won't leave you indifferent...

By Justine Seraphin , 4 Aug 2019

Stereotypes would have some people say this video is filled with fear and tension, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Catch me if you can

If you needed more proof that bad dogs come from bad owners, watch this video. Though German Shepherds have long been described as an aggressive breed, with the right training and socialisation, they make reliable, gentle, and devoted companions.

If you still don’t believe us, check this out: this little baby who has recently learned to walk is stumbling around his living room, and is being attentively watched by…two HUGE black dogs.

Though he is running away from the GSDs, it’s clearly all fun and games, as he giggles and laughs his way around the living room.

No fear in sight

The baby is having a BLAST with his older brothers, especially with the more playful one. Without really understanding what the fuss is all about, the dogs play along, and enjoy the chase with their young master.

The most impressive thing about this video is the total absence of fear seen from the child. It is evident that he trusts his canine companions completely. What a beautiful thing to be raised in such an environment!

The Shepherds are true nannies: as soon as the child stumbles, they are right behind him to make sure he is alright and unhurt.

All dogs have the potential to be sweet and gentle, as long as they are raised properly, like these two!

Check out the adorable video below: