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Watch: Hospitalised grandfather is beyond moved when he gets a surprise visitor

Old man gets hospital visit from pet Pomeranian dog-happy
© LizzyPeake - Twitter

It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend. Nothing proves that quote better than this short video, posted by a hospitalised man's granddaughter on Twitter.

By Justine Seraphin , 2 Aug 2019

Lizzy Peake recently shared an extremely touching video on Twitter, in which the special relationship between her grandfather and his dog is clearly shown.

Missing piece of the puzzle

Lizzy’s grandfather had suddenly suffered a stroke and had to be urgently hospitalised. What’s more, due to the stroke, the elderly gentlemen lost some of his speech, and had to stay in the hospital for rehabilitation.

Though Lizzy’s grandfather loved getting visits from his human family, there was always one family member missing when he looked around: Holly. The old man clearly missed his beloved dog’s presence:

“[He] wasn’t able to speak well but we were able to understand ‘Holly’, which is the name of his dog”, Tweeted Lizzy.

That’s what friends are for

The man’s loving family therefore did everything they could to reunite dog with master, and luckily for them, the hospital approved.

Though he is unable to speak, Lizzy’s grandfather immediately begins to cry out with emotion as soon as he lays eyes on his sweet four-legged friend. He holds his dog in a tight clutch, crying into her fur, as if her simple presence was enough to lift the weight of his ordeal off his shoulders. As for Holly, she looks just as excited to be sitting in her owner’s lap once more.

We hope Holly’s presence will help this brave man overcome his health problems, and that he will soon be able to go home to her loving companionship!