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Police make heartbreaking discovery after tip-off

The puppies will be rehome dog-angry
© Polizei NRW Dortmund - Facebook

Police officers rescued seven pooches from the clutches of a suspected puppy farmer after a tip-off from a member of the public. The man was given a hefty fine, and the puppies were brought to a nearby shelter to get adopted into loving homes.

By Ashley Murphy , 2 Aug 2019

While driving along a busy main road in Dortmund, Germany, a sharp-eyed woman spotted a distressing sight inside a passing vehicle. Through the back window of a large white van, she saw what looked like a gang of puppies desperate for help.

A sharp-eyed driver calls the police

She pulled over and notified the police, who quickly located the vehicle. A quick search confirmed the woman's suspicions after officers found seven pups in a desperate condition. These poor little guys were malnourished, dehydrated, and terrified.

Officers questioned the driver, but the unnamed 44-year-old man refused to provide any information on where the puppies had come from or where he was taking them.

Police officers issued the man a hefty fine. He was then allowed to continue his journey, but without the puppies.

The cute critters were handed over to an animal shelter in a nearby town. They'll now spend a few weeks under the care of a team of animal experts before being rehomed with loving families.

Although the driver made no statement, police believe the animals had been transported from the nearby Netherlands as part of the cruel and inhumane puppy farm trade.

Criminal networks set up illegal farms, which produce a constant flow of newborn pups, often in unsafe conditions. The puppies are then sold online for hundreds of pounds each.

Thankfully, authorities are working hard to tackle the problem. Following a petition signed by over 100,000 members of the public, the government announced plans for a new licensing scheme.

Stricter regulation is on the way

It will impose tight regulations on anyone who breeds or sells more than 3 litter of pups a year, as well as banning the sale of any puppy younger than eight weeks old.

In the meantime, anyone looking for a new puppy should always do plenty of research on the seller. For more info on what to look out for, check the RSPCA's guide to buying a puppy.