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Star couple find perfect way to remember pooch after tragic accident

The couple are famous dog lovers dog-sad
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Married couple Sophie Turner, (a.k.a. Game of Thrones' Sansa Stark) and Joe Jonas, singer in the Jonas Brothers group, tragically lost their dog in a car accident, and got matching tattoos to commemorate the sad passing of their beloved pooch.

By Ashley Murphy , 1 Aug 2019

The pair married earlier this month, and the famous pup lovers were proud parents of two Alaskans Klee Kais called Waldo and Porky Basquit.


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A tragic accident

But Waldo was tragically killed last weekend following a freak accident. While out on a morning stroll with his dog walker, Waldo ran out into the middle of a busy New York street and was hit by a passing vehicle.

Turner and Jonas were devasted by the incident and shared the news via Instagram. Turner's post read:

"I miss you, Waldo. Rest in peace my little baby."

She also posted a pic of the matching tattoos, which the couple decided to get on the inside of their arms shortly after Waldo's passing.

The small, tasteful tats show a smiling Waldo, meaning the couple now have a permanent reminder of their former pet.


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The Alaskan Klee Kai is a relatively new breed. Developed during the 20th century, these intelligent, energetic dogs are part of the Spitz family.

Just like a Husky, only much smaller

Klee Kai's bear a close resemblance to the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute, although they tend to be much smaller than their giant cousins. In fact, Klee Kai is the Inuit term for "small dog."

Given their smaller frames, Klee Kai's are a popular choice for owners looking for an active, smart breed that isn't as demanding as traditional working dogs like the Husky.

It's unclear if Turner and Jonas have any plans to add another furry member to their family. But given how much these guys love dogs, we're sure it won't be too long before their surviving pooch gets a new brother or sister.