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Policeman humiliates irresponsible dog owner to teach her a valuable lesson

dog owner is humiliated by police officer to teach her a lesson dog-angry
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Who would ever leave a dog in a car with intensive, rising temperatures on a sunny day? A negligent woman left her dog locked in her car with the window closed tightly. A police officer found the dog and decided to teach the woman an important lesson.

By Dawn Parrish , 2 Aug 2019

When he discovered the dog locked in the car in the parking lot, outside Bullocks General Store in Strongsville, Ohio, it was obvious that the dog was suffering, as the temperature inside the truck rose over a period of just a few minutes.

Owner of the truck returns

The officer was waiting for the woman when she returned from the store. He decided to teach her a valuable lesson, so rather than give her a citation, he instructed her to sit inside the truck, just as her dog had done. He told her to close the door and window, and not to start the engine or turn on the AC cooler, so that she too, could feel the intense high temperature inside the vehicle. The cop wanted the woman to realise how dangerous it was to leave a dog inside a locked vehicle.

Temperatures inside a hot car

Dog owner files a complaint

The callous pet owner felt that she had been singled out and treated unfairly by the police officer and complained to the local media. What she wasn’t aware of however, was that a bystander had made a video of the event. When this video was played back, it certainly showed that the police officer had acted correctly to help the dog, and to teach the driver an important lesson. In the video, the woman driver can be seen to be quite amused and uncaring at the time of the incident, something she would later come to regret. The video shows all the facts as they happened at the scene.

More stories of tragic cases

During the summer period, we sadly hear more about events involving not only dogs, but also young children being left alone in hot vehicles. In some tragic cases, several heart-breaking deaths have been reported. Its evident that some people still don’t realise that even leaving the car window open a tiny bit will not make any difference at all.

In NO circumstances, ever leave a dog or child in a car alone, if there is any possibility of the temperature becoming unbearable. It is evident that a hot vehicle can be a fatal place for anyone, as the mercury rises.