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Funding is running out for these amazing service dogs; see how you can help!

These dogs need our help dog-sad
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A project that provides specially-trained pooches to people suffering from dementia will close in a matter of weeks unless it secures new funding. These dogs not only keep patients physically fit, but they are also wonderful, loyal companions!

By Ashley Murphy , 1 Aug 2019

The Dementia Dog Project is the brainchild of a group of students from the Glasgow School of Art. It was developed back in 2012 as part of a design project and now provides 12 service dogs all across Scotland.

Lending a helping paw

The super pooches lend dementia patients a helping paw by opening doors, fetching medication, and can even contact the emergency services if required. They also provide companionship and encourage patients to stay physically active, which can help manage degenerative conditions like dementia.

Kerry Gough has one of the best jobs in the world. She trains these fantastic dogs and knows what a positive impact they have on patients' lives. She said:

"The dogs give the couples the motivation to get out and keep up that physical activity, which can sometimes be challenging."

"When they're out and about it can also help them connect with their local community so people will stop them, ask about their dog, what the dog does and the dog acts as an ice breaker."

"But I think also the other area is the companionship and emotional support."

For the last three years, the project received financial support from the Life Changes Trust, funded by the National Lottery.

Find out how you can help

Unfortunately, this expires on August 31st, and if no more funding is secured, the project will come to an end.

Visit the Dementia Dog website to see how you can help keep this fantastic service going. You can also follow them on Twitter.

And make sure you share our story with all your pooch-loving friends. Let's get this message out there and help Dementia Dog secure money it deserves!