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Couple forbidden by Council to walk all their dogs at the same time

Council bans dog onwers from walking more than 5 dogs at any one time dog-angry
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If you were going out with your family, you wouldn't only bring one of your children with you, right? Well, that's the rough idea Rossendale council is trying to implement...for dogs!

By Dawn Parrish , 1 Aug 2019

Carolyn Sheridan, the owner of five Border Collie dogs, together with her partner, David Tomlinson, who has two Schnauzers, labels the new dog control restrictions unfair, and calls on Rossendale council to do a rethink.


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Council adopts new restrictions

At Rossendale Council meeting on July 17th, additional dog control orders were put in place. The Public Space Protection Orders, or PSPO’s as they are known, implemented two new restraints. A limit was placed on the maximum number of dogs to be walked together at any time, to only 5 dogs. In addition, it is now mandatory to carry sufficient “poop bags” when out walking with dogs.

A fine of £75, or even prosecution, can now be given if any dog owner breaches these new control orders.

Responsible dog owners in the area

Councillor Steve Hughes, one of the Rossendale Council cabinet members, stated that the majority of dog owners in the region are responsible and contribute to the ongoing enjoyment of the public spaces and wonderful parks in the region. However, he is aware that a small minority of irresponsible dog owners spoil things for others. Dog fouling in public areas is a constant issue and its hoped that these new powers will help to control these problems.


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Dog-owning couple are penalised

Unfortunately, at present, this new ban on walking no more than five dogs at any one time, certainly doesn’t help Carolyn and David. They are finding daily dog walks very frustrating now that they are unable to walk their seven dogs together. As sensible dog owners, who have obedient, trained pets, they can only hope that Rossendale Council puts forward a favourable reconsideration when the matter is discussed once again in October.


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